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2020 30 rides in 30 Days – Day 30+1

Good Morning

So the sun has set on another fantastic 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge. It was great to see so many of the riders set off from Bordeaux to  finish together at Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop yesterday morning. Sorry for those that couldn’t make it due to travel and self-isolation conditions currently. Thanks to the Friends of Les Bourgs for helping set up the refreshments and welcoming the riders and John Guille from Les Bourgs for his kind words.

Day 30 for Ian Brown’s 30 in 30 cycle challenge.

It was a great run in with the TISE Everest Madness seeing 30in30 riders completing 205 ascents of L’eree Hill on Saturday.

There was the Wheely Tyred Quiz Night too on Saturday night as well as Static Bike rides at M&S and Moores over the weekend. There was also the usual 7in7 event organised by Carrie Wray and the teachers at Elizabeth College Junior School in the final week.

This year’s 30/30 has been different for sure and perhaps tougher too. The weather gradually got colder and windier and the days shortened considerably over the month. There is also a big distraction of Corona Virus. Maybe we are lucky here in Guernsey that things are near normal but nonetheless social and economical dynamics are not nearly the same as previous years. Many offices are not fully staffed yet with workers still operating from home, there are financial implications and people out of work or working less than normal. Events which usually are quite productive for raising funds have not been possible this year, like Liberation Day, Red Eye Flights Static Bike Rides and even super market slots were a lot more difficult to secure.

Some of our riders have had to have some days off their bukes due to isolation, injury, illness etc. Some will still be doing their hours riding for some days to come to complete their challenge. If you see a yellow jersey then be sure to give these riders your encouragement.

Trish will be collating the funds raised information from all the riders and all the sources of fundraising over the coming weeks. It will be a great help if the riders get their fundraising info to her as soon as is possible. Any cash or cheques can be taken to Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop IN A SEALED ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME ON and Trish will collect.

We are very grateful for all the efforts of all the riders this year and we will announce the grand total raised at our Final Word Event on Friday 16th October at Les Rocquettes Hotel. All riders are invited so please RSVP to [email protected] if you have not already done so. There will be welcome drinks at 7.00 pm, presentation at 7.40 pm followed by a buffet meal. Riders and children are free and any guests welcome too at a nominal charge of £15 payable on the night.

Congratulations and hope to see you soon.

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 24

Day 24, final week of 30 Rides in 30 Days

Weather for next 7 Days: – Today, Monday 21st September, will continue warm and dry and light winds. The weather should be dry tomorrow too but the early signs of a change to Autumn will occur with temperatures not reaching as high as last few days. From Wednesday onwards the weather will turn to showers and this will remain so for the run through to the end of the challenge. The winds too will feature mid week as they strengthen to force 5 or even force 6 from a generally westerly direction. The temperatures continue to reduce during the week and will struggle to reach up to 12 / 13 degrees by Saturday. The winds will become lighter again on Saturday and will be from the North West which is good news for those riders needing a little assistance up L’eree Hill for the TISE EVEREST MADNESS Challenge. For Sunday’s final ride the weather warms again to 17 degrees abut still a chance of some showers.

Sunrise and Sunset Times: – Sunrise today was at 6.54 and sets tonight at 19.04 so just about more daylight than night time. That will reverse during the week with sunrise on Sunday 27th at 7.04 and setting 11 hours 52 minutes later at 18.56. During the challenge the days have shortened by 1 hour 45 minutes.

Events happened last week: –

Events that happened last week include lots of static bike riding by some of the riders. Felix Blondel did an amazing three hours at Guernsey Electricity, Amelia Brown and Andrea Nightingale took on the Grande Marche Co-op St Sampson for the injured Steve O Connor, both of these on Saturday 19th. Atila Dura did another morning session outside Moores Hotel on Friday 18th and Sophie Bynam / Charlotte Walker did a second 2 hour stint this time at Le Fleur du Jardin Hotel at lunchtime on Sunday 20th.

Jane England held her second of three Yoga sessions on Monday 14th at Elizabeth College. and her final session is this evening starting at 6.00 pm at the same venue. Her sessions are free but a donation to Creme Anglaise fundraising for 30/30 welcome. Just arrive with your mat or a towel and ease away the stresses and strains and be ready for your final week.

Events happening this week: –

Monday September 21st at 6.00 pm – Yoga Session at Elizabeth College – Jane England will be running her final session this evening starting at 6.00 pm at the same venue. Her sessions are free but a donation to Creme Anglaise fundraising for 30/30 welcome. Just arrive with your mat or a towel and ease away the stresses and strains and be ready for your final week.

Saturday 26th between 08.00 and 12.00 – TISE EVEREST MADNESS

TISE’s Everest Madness will see over 30 30/30 riders riding up L’eree Hill as far as St Peter’s Village enough times to equal the ascent of Mount Everest. A good response has been received from the riders but ANY additional riders joining in will be welcome as the more riders the better. There will be registration ahead by e-mailing [email protected] to let her know you are interested but otherwise riders can arrive at anytime to add an ascent or two to the total.

Also on then evening of Saturday 26th is the WHEELY TYRED QUIZ NIGHT at St Matins Parish Hall. A regular event in the 30/30 calendar and usually well supported and organised by Trish De Carteret and the Wheely Tyred Team.

FINAL DAY RIDE IN will take place on Day 30 Sunday 27th September. Just like the riders get together on Day One for the First Day Breakfast so many of the riders like to finish their challenge together, usually by riding from Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop to the end of the Rocque to Rock at North Beach. This year will be slightly different and riders who wish to take part are requested to assemble at Bordeaux Car Park from 10.40 on Sunday. There will be a group photo and the riders will set off at 11.00 am together for the final few miles to Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop, lead by 30/30 stalwarts Simon Hancock and Andrea Nightingale. At the shop will be some of the Friends of Les Bourgs and also some light refreshments and drinks to celebrate the end of another 30/30 challenge.

FINAL WORD on this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge will this year be held on Friday 16th October at Les Rocquettes Hotel starting at 7.00 pm.

All riders are invited and there will be welcome drinks on arrival and a buffet after the presentations. Riders are free and guests are welcome too at a nominal fee of £15. Children are free. Les Rocquettes Hotel will require accurate numbers so do please let em know if you are coming by e-mailing [email protected] with numbers by Friday 9th October.



2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 17

Wow, plenty of sunshine, light winds and warm temperatures. So far the 30 Rides in 30 Days have enjoyed near perfect conditions. The good news is that is set to continue as the riders start week three.

Weather this week: – 

The fine weather is expected to continue this week. The winds will stay very light up to Wednesday but from Thursday onwards winds strengths increase from the west or northwest with some gusts up to 30 mph. Currently the forecast for Saturday going into Sunday is for some rain. Much needed for the gardens but you may want to check nearer the time and plan your rides accordingly to miss the showers.

Lighting up Times: –

The days continue to shorten as we head into further into September. Today sunrise was at 6.45 am and sun sets at 7.24 pm. By next Sunday the sun rises at 6.54 am and sets at 7.11 pm.

Events Last Week: –

Louise Bynam and Charlotte Walker did a couple of hours outside Les Douvres Hotel on Sunday 13th.

Atila Duro did a second static bike ride outside Moores Hotel on Saturday 12th.

Events This Week: –

Yoga Mondays – Jane England has organised Yoga Sessions at Elizabeth College starting at 6.00 pm on Mondays 7th, 14th and 21st September. Jane is not making a charge for these sessions but a donation to Creme Anglaise fundraising would be welcomed. These sessions will be ideal for relieving aching bodies from all the extra cycling and revitalise 30/30 riders for the week ahead. Just bring a mat or towel to use.

Felix Blondel will be doing a static bike ride out side Guernsey Electricity on North Side, The Bridge, St Sampsons on Saturday morning.

Steve O Connor will also be doing a static bike ride at Co-op – Grande Marche, St Sampsons also on Saturday morning and will be glad if any other 30/30 riders can join in to add to their fundraising. Steve’s contact info is 07781410806.

Sophie Bynam and Charlotte Walker will be doing another Static Bike Ride on Sunday 20th 12.00 to 2.00, this time at Hotel Fleur du Jardin.

Bike Jumble at St Sampsons School Sunday 20th 11.00 am to 1.00 pm: –

Andrea Nightingale has organised for a Bike Jumble in aid of 30 Rides in 30 Days. At time of writing only five reservations have been made which isn’t enough. A final decision on the event will be made on Wednesday 16th as to the viability. Ten sellers will be required as a minimum so of you do have any cycling jumble then contact Andrea by e-mail as soon as possible

WOODIES Supporting 30 Rides in 30 Days for Les Bourgs Hospice: –

Great to have these guys supporting our challenge. Send us some photos if you have stopped for coffee at any WOODIES kiosks or Pollet.


TISE Everest Madness – Saturday 26th September

Thanks to those of you who have already agreed to join the guys from The International Stock Exchange (TISE) in their “Everest Madness” challenge but we’re still looking for more 30/30 riders to help with this effort.

As a reminder, the aim is to come together on the morning of the penultimate day of the 30/30 to complete enough rides up L’Eree Hill to equal an ascent of Mount Everest.

We’ve now created a specific route on Strava from the bottom of L’Eree Hill up to La Croix (the cemetery) on Route des Paysans, which represents an elevation of 76 metres and means that we need 117 ascents for us to scale the equivalent height of Mount Everest!

The Strava segment can be found here:

The event will run between 8am and noon on Saturday 26th September but you can pop in at any time and do as few or as many ascents as you wish.

There will be a registration process on the day so we can keep track of riders and accents but to give us an idea of numbers and so we can provide more details nearer the time then please log your interest with Jennifer Baudains at [email protected]

Please do lend your support and let us know you interest as it is very much a case of “many legs make light work!”

LAST DAY RIDE IN – Sunday 27th September

Just like we meet together for breakfast on Day One many of the riders like to end their challenge together on Day 30. We have arranged for a FINAL DAY RIDE IN from Bordeaux Green to Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop where some of the Friends of Les Bourgs will be to welcome and congratulate all the riders. There will be coffee/ tea / cake and even Pimms and Beer for those who wish to celebrate. All riders are welcome and those that do wish to take part are asked to assemble on the green by WOODIES at Bordeaux from 10.40. There will be a group photo and then all riders will set off for Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop at 11.00 am sharp and will be lead by 30/30 stalwarts Simon Hancock and Andrea Nightingale.

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 10

Day 10

So ten days into the challenge, a third the way through. Hope all are finding the hour each day without too much disruption to normal routine. No one said it would be easy.


Forecast for next ten days shows little sign of any rain. Daytime temperatures at the start of this week are disappointing 17 degrees a little below normal for the time of year and may even get a little cooler by the weekend.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset time today is 19.39 so over 20 minutes lost in the evening since 30/30 began. By the end of this week it will set before 19.30. for those who like to do their rides in the morning a similar reduction in daylight time. Sunset today was at 6.36 and will be later at 6.45 by Sunday next.

Weigh In Challenge

We have five brave men recorded their weight at the start of the challenge but, so far, no ladies who wish to rise to the challenge. I will extend the weigh in challenge for any further men or women who wish to register. Just weigh yourself as soon as possible and let me know at [email protected] and be assured of absolute discretion.

Donations direst to Les Bourgs

You can ask your sponsors / supporters to make a donation directly to Les Bourgs. You will need to advise Liz Stonebridge that you wish to do so this way by contacting her and requesting you get added to the list of participants in the 30 Rides in 30 Days event. Liz’s e-mail is [email protected] .

Events Last Week

Thanks to the event organisers last week, including Ellen Hughes who held a Treasure Hunt from The Venture Inn on Thursday,

Atila Duro who rode his static bike at Moores Hotel on Saturday,

and also Team Celtic Donkeys who did a full day of fundraising at Le Friquet Garden Centre also on Saturday.

Events This Week

Jane England who is part of Creme Anglaise Team, has organised for Yoga sessions of one hour each Monday 7th, 14th and 21st September at Elizabeth College starting at 6.00 pm. jane is not making a charge for the sessions but donations will go to Creeme Anglaise Fundraising. The sessions will be particualrly good for 30/30 riders who need a stretch and reviatalisation for the week ahead but are also open to pthers too. Just bring along your own mat or towel.


Sophie Bynam and Charlotte Walker will be on their static bike at Les Douvres Hotel next Sunday between 12.00 and 14.00  as part fo their fundraising.

Please look at the diary for any other events taking place in the alter stages of the challenge and support the challengers if you can.

Additional Event – TISE Everest Madness 26th September

Calling all riders

The guys at The International Stock Exchange (TISE) are organising an “EVEREST MADNESS” Challenge for 30/30 riders.

This entails riding up L’Eree Hill enough times to equal an ascent of Mount Everest which is where you, the riders of 30/30 2020, are called to help.

The hill section as identified by “Strava” is from the bottom of L’Eree Hill up to Venture Garage and represents elevation of 51 metres. To equate to Mount Everest there needs to be over 150 ascents of L’eree Hill and you can play a part.

It is hoped to get 40 plus 30/30 Riders at L’Eree Hill between the hours of 8.00 am and Noon on Saturday 26th September to ride up L’Eree Hill at least once and perhaps more if you are keen and able. If 40 Riders ride an average of three times, then that makes 120 ascents which leaves the remaining few for the slightly keener riders who may do more.

The aim of this challenge on the penultimate day of 30 Rides in 30 Days is not focussed on raising funds but one last hurrah for the riders and to gain awareness of Les Bourgs Hospice and your month-long challenge. It may also attract some attention from local media.

If you are interested in taking part then let Jennifer Baudains know at [email protected] in good time and you will be registered to take part and sent further details.

The event will require a minimum of forty 30/30 riders to have a realistic chance of climbing as high as Mount Everest and in the event there are too few the organisers will have the option to reconsider.

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 4

Blog – Day 4

Thanks to the riders that were able to come to breakfast at The Kiln. Good to meet old and new 30/30 friends.

Launch of this years Les Bourgs Hospice 30/30 Challenge – 30 Rides In 30 Days 2020 event

The weather for this week looks likely to be mostly dry but a few showers expected to pass through during Friday. The winds are moderate to light for the first part of the week and turning more moderate from the NW on Thu/Fri/Sat and returning to light again for Sunday.

Lighting up times will become earlier each day as the days become shorter. Sunsets by the end of the week will be at 19.44 pm. Please take your lights if you are doing your rides at the end of the day.

Events happening for 30/30 world this week include a Car Treasure Hunt on Thursday organised by Ellen Hughes and starting from The Venture Inn at 6.30 pm. The event should finish by 8.15 and there will be refreshments afterwards. Ellen’s details are on the diary section should you need to contact her.

Five Riders from Celtic Donkeys will be running a static bike session at Le Friquet Garden Centre on Saturday 5th September from 9.00 am until 4.00 pm.

Launch of this years Les Bourgs Hospice 30/30 Challenge – 30 Rides In 30 Days 2020 event


Good Luck to Olivia Ventress Kent from la Grande Mare Health Centre who is aiming to ride 60 kilometres each day for her own 30/30 Challenge.


We have some jerseys left which are now available as spares for riders at reduced costs of £25

Mens Short Sleeve

Small (36”) x 1

Medium (38”) x 1

Large (40″) x 2

Womens Short Sleeve

Medium (36”) x 1

Mens Long Sleeve

Small (36″) x 1

Medium (38″) x 2

Large (40″) x 1

Womens Long Sleeve

Small (34″) x 1

Medium (36″) x 2

Large (382) x 1

I think that is all for now but please contact Ian at [email protected]  if you are planning anything or need any help with your fundraising.


WOODIES supporting 30 Rides in 30 Days

Woodies Coffee Shops will donate 5 pence from every cup of coffee sold during 30 Rides in 30 Days, 29th August through to 27th September. Stop by on your rides for a drink or a snack and tell your friends and family too. Every coffee sold means 5 pence to Les Bourgs Hospice.

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Ten Days to go

Ten Days to go to the start of 30 Rides in 30 Days.
Ten things you need to know.
1. First Day Breakfast this year will be Saturday August 29th from 8.00 am at The Kiln and all riders are invited.
2. All riders’ yellow 30/30 cycling jerseys are here. If you already have yours then fine, if not call into Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop to collect yours. Please refrain from wearing the jerseys on the road until day one.
3. Register yourselves on the Les Bourgs website as a fundraiser in the 30/30 Cycle Challenge. This will enable people to sponsor you and the money go directly to Les Bourgs Hospice.
4. Hopefully you have got your cycling legs by now but if not then get some 20-30 minute rides in over the coming days and then be ready to ride 30 times in 30 days from Saturday 29th August.
5. Let your friends, colleagues, neighbours know you are riding every day for a month and invite them to sponsor you. Les Bourgs Hospice is a special place for many, if not all, islanders and people will be generous because of your commitment.
6. Add to your fundraising by organising something for your sponsors to take part in. A quiz, treasure hunt, family bike ride, breakfast at work and so many other ideas that have been successful fundraisers in past years.
7. Be supportive of your fellow riders. If you see another 30/30 riders during the challenge give a cheerie wave or even a hoot if you are driving. There will seem to be many more than 100 riders and they will be seen at all times of the day and all over the island. They will appreciate your support.
8. Join in if there are any events the other riders are organising. They will appreciate your support
9. Do your best in both riding an hour a day and fundraising. If you have to miss a day then it is alright to catch up another time. Do your best in your fundraising. The target of £900 is not set in stone but many past riders have been surprised how possible this is to reach. Just do your best.
10. Enjoy yourself. You will probably see different parts of the island than normal and even different parts of the day than you usually do. The island is a great place to explore by bicycle so enjoy the experience and be proud that every mile you do is raising money for our very special Hospice.

See you all very soon.

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days rescheduled.

Hooray, we are going ahead.

It is with delight and relief that this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days will be going ahead after all.

Thanks to our leaders negotiating us through the pandemic and the support of the island community Guernsey is returning to near normal from Saturday June 18th.

We have decided to run the event from Saturday 29th August to Sunday 27th September.

Special thank you to the riders who did take part in their 30 rides in May despite the lockdown.

We do hope that many of the riders who were originally registered for May will be interested and able to take part in the re arranged event. We understand that some may not be and any fees paid in advance will be refunded in full, please just ask.

Equally there may be some who will now be able to take part in the re arranged dates and if so please do register online at

The diary has got details of some rearranged dates and any fundraisers that the riders plan or set up please let us know and we will add them to the list.


2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – COVID-19

From Ian Brown and Trish De Carteret

It is with great regret that circumstances and uncertainty around COVID-19 make planning, organising and taking part in 2020 30 Rides in 30 Days impossible.

Of course, getting exercise and fresh air are sensible for everyone so long as there is understanding and respect for the 2-metre social distancing. We thought that perhaps that meant our riders could use the challenge as an antidote to everything else that we are all needing to deal with. However so much has changed in such a short time since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Guernsey. There could be more significant changes/restrictions that may occur up to the start of the event on 25th April and during the subsequent 30 Days. This has led us to make the hardest but correct decision to cancel.

The safety of our riders, supporters and the wider Guernsey Community are at the forefront of our decisions.

Of course, 30 Rides in 30 Days will reschedule but we are not able to say when at this point. For those riders that have registered we hope that you will be able to take part when the event does take place. For those that have paid a registration fee and would like it refunded  please e-mail [email protected] or if possible allow us to hold it over until the rescheduled dates.

When we do reschedule, we hope there is more incentive if ever it was needed to fund raise for the charity. We invite you to become champions of the event and encourage others to take part too so we can raise as much money as is possible for the Les Bourgs Hospice, they will certainly appreciate your efforts even more than ever at this challenging time.

Regards                                                                Regards


Ian Brown                                                           Trish De Carteret

2020 30 Rides in 30 Days – Two months to go

Blog Day – Two months to go



There are just over eight weeks to go before the 2019 challenge. If you aren’t yet cycling regularly then there is still a good amount of time to prepare for the challenge. The weather has been wet and windy and so good practice for what may happen on days during, the challenge. Get some 20-minute rides on alternate days over the coming weeks and then build  by a few minutes  each ride when you feel ready increase the frequency. Preparation now will make the challenge more enjoyable and beneficial.



This year’s 30in30 is filling nicely, thank you to all that have registered. If you wish to take part again then please register on line at There is a registration form for individual riders as well as combinations of up to four riders. So far, we have 60 riders registered who are all waiting for their yellow jerseys to arrive.



There is a new Facebook page and we hope you can all join and contribute stories and photos during the challenge. Please search for “Ian Brown’s 30in30CycleChallenge” on Facebook.


First Day Breakfast

We hope to meet as many as possible at our traditional “First Day Breakfast” on Saturday 25th April. Like last year this will take place at The Kiln, Les Gigands, St Sampsons, GY2 4YZ starting at 8.00 am.



The 30/30 Events Diary is currently up to date. See Please let us know if you are planning any 30/30 themed events and we will add them to the list. These extra events help tremendously towards riders reaching their fundraising targets so please do put your thinking caps on.



Static Bike Rides

If you need a static trainer to use to do any static bike riding at key places around the island, then please let us know. We will have these available on loan for any 30/30 riders.


Ways of fundraising

You can register on “Just Giving” website as a 30/30 Rider and select Les Bourgs as the chosen charity. This is a great site to out reach far and wide beyond Guernsey and you and your donors can see how your fundraising is going as added incentive. You are able to add your offline fundraising manually. Your sponsors are able to add a good luck message if they wish. Log onto and set yourself up. There is a small credit/debit card charge made by Just Giving but over 90% of funds raised this way will end up at Les Bourgs Hospice.


Plan an event to help your fundraising. Over the years riders have taken part in so many extra fundraising events besides riding their bikes for one hour. Afternoon Teas, Bar B Ques, Family Bike Rides, Dress Down Days, Dress Up Days, Cake Sales, Sponge Throwing, Static Bike Rides, Treasure Hunts, Music Nights and many more. If you are planning something to encourage support for your challenge let us know.



You can get yourself registered on the “Les Bourgs Hospice” website as a participant in the 30 Rides in 30 Days 2018 so you will also be able to point your potential sponsors there too for donations. 100% of the funds raised this way will reach Les Bourgs and Liz will keep us informed of every penny received by 30/30 Riders.


Paying in Funds

Any cash or cheques received please bring into us at Ian Brown’s in a sealed envelope with your name on. Trish will get these to the bank for Les Bourgs Hospice.


As we approach the Final Word event on Friday 5th June at Les Rocquettes Hotel we will be working as hard as we can to reconcile every penny raised so that we may be able to announce to you the total of this year’s fundraising effort. This is a tight time frame, less than three weeks after the final day, so we will need to be very efficient. Please help us by keeping good records and, more importantly, getting all the funds declared and banked.


Hope to hear from you soon.