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One Month to Go


With just four weeks to go we have 85 Riders registered to take part in this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. Sixteen of the riders have registered individually and the remainder are members of different combined teams.

We hope to get another forty or so riders to enable us to have a chance of getting close to or above the One Million Pounds raised since the start of the 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge in 2008. If you know anybody who wants to join in and help us Make it a Million make sure they go online at or contact Ian at [email protected] or telephone Ian on 07911 724 709.


Trish, Jeff and Lexie will be holding their Quiz Night once again. This time their quiz is before the 30 Rides in 30 Days starts. This is due to availability of suitable venue. The quiz will be held at St Martins Community Centre on Friday 22nd April, starting at 7.00 p.m. Tickets are £12 each for tables of six and includes a ploughman’s lunch. Contact Trish on 07781 136392 or e-mail her at [email protected] .


Our traditional First Day Breakfast will take place again on Saturday 30th April at THE KILN at Oatlands. Jenny, Greg and the team put on a splendid breakfast, and it is a great chance for the riders to get all together for the first time in the special green jersey for this year.




There will be a Golf Day organised by Ken, Lorraine, Ken, Kate and Jayne of Celtic Donkeys. The funds raised on the night will be split between 30 Rides in 30 Days for Les Bourgs and also Only Fools and Donkeys. Spaces are limited and more details about getting involved will be released shortly but SAVE THE DATE if you want to have some fun and raise some funds for two fantastic charities.


Sponsor forms are available and will be sent to all registered riders.


These will be available to collect from Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop from Monday 11th April. We respectfully ask riders to wait until Saturday 30th April to wear their jersey for cycling but would be happy for riders to create their online pictures wearing their jersey for social media and fundraising pages.


Besides the Sponsor Form and JustGiving, Les Bourgs have their own website which will accept donations from your generous sponsors. Just visit and select “Events”. You will see the 30 Rides in 30 Days and all riders that have registered and provided us with an e-mail will be listed. Your sponsor can select you and Les Bourgs will advise us of funds arriving that way. The best bit is there are no admin fees deducted with donations made this way.


It’s a long shot but not an impossible one. Last Year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days participants raised a staggering £84k to make the current total £892k raised for Les Bourgs since the start of 30 Rides in 30 Days in 2008. A further £108k will get the total over the £1 Million milestone. A stretch but worth going for. Think of ways you can add to your fundraising.

  • STATIC BIKE RIDES – Have you any shops or businesses who will permit you to ride a static bike for an hour or so to raise funds?
  • BONUS BALL COMPS – Can you organise a Bonus Ball Competition at your work or amongst social groups? Example £5 per number x 59 = £295 less Prizes £100 = Fundraising £195.
  • QUIZ NIGHTS – We already have one arranged by Wheely Tyred on 22nd April but there is quite an appetite for Quizzes if you can arrange a venue.
  • HOME SOCIALS – Could you invite a few friends to a social BBQ or Cheese and Wine in return for a donation to your fundraising?
  • TREASURE HUNTS – On bike, in car or on foot. Another fun way of raising funds.
  • WORK BREAKFASTS – Can you organise a breakfast at your work for colleagues who ride in and pay for a bacon sarnie?
  • WEAR GREEN FOR THE DAY – Could your work have a Dress Green Day and contribute to your fundraising?

If you do arrange anything then please let us know and we will circulate the details.


For many of you the challenge of 30 Rides in 30 Days will be finding an hour each day and the extra exercise / cycle riding above your normal levels. If cycling is not your normal day to day exercise, then a little preparation in these coming weeks before the start will be well worthwhile. The evenings are lengthening so start by cycling half an hour a couple of evenings a week and get a longer ride in at the weekends. Gradually increase the time and frequency of your rides so that by April 30th you are ready to start your one hour each day. Find some routes around you that are away from busy roads and enjoy then experience of discovery of our wonderful island.

Time is also right to check your bicycle will be ready for the challenge too. Thirty hours cycling during May will add up to 300 miles at a leisurely pace. Things to Check are: –

  • TYRES – Check these are in good condition and inflated to correct pressure as marked on the tyre’s sidewall
  • SITTING COMFORTABLY – Are you set up correctly on your bike. The saddle height too high or too low will have an impact on your comfort and enjoyment of cycling everyday for one hour. If in doubt get your set up checked by someone experienced.
  • BRAKES AND GEARS – You will want to have no hassles with slipping gears or squeaking brakes so check all your cables are running smoothly and adjusted correctly.
  • CLOTHING – You will have your special edition jersey but be prepared for chilly mornings and evenings. Have a pair of gloves ready and extra layers to wear if you are cycling first thing or last thing of the day. Advice is to always WEAR A HELMET and check the condition and fitting is good. So many cycle riders wear a helmet poorly fitted or in poor condition.









Facts and Stats so far

So far 14 editions of 30 Rides in 30 Days have taken place involving 526 different participants riding 458,100 miles and raising £891,742.14 for Les Bourgs Hospice. Help us “Make it a Million” in 2022.

Top 23 Riders

14 editions of 30 Rides in 30 Days have taken place since 2008 raising nearly £892k. Some riders have taken part many times as per list. Also listed are riders / persons who have made exceptional contributions to the success to the challenge and have received special edition rainbow jerseys.

Woodies supporting 30/30

Woodies Coffee Kiosks are supporting us again by donating 5 pence for every cup of coffee sold during the 30 days 30th April to 29th May. They are helping us “Make it a Million” for Les Bourgs Hospice.

Specsavers Primary Supporter for 2022

This year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days starts on 30th April. Specsavers are Primary Supporters this year and helping us to “Make it a Million” for Les Bourgs Hospice.

2022 30 Rides in 30 Days – Just over two months to go

This year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days begins on 30th April 2022, a little over two months to go. There are 50 riders registered so far.

The Blondels are taking part again for third time, Stuart and Ness plus Felix and Clem

Gary and Sally De Jersey also third time

Rachel and Hazel Seymour registered again

Regular Richard Johns is riding again for the 11th time

Trish De Carteret and Jeff and Lexi De La Mare taking part as Wheely Tyred


There are 100 places available so if your are interested then please register soon at or contact organiser Ian Brown at [email protected]

Are Electric Bikes Welcome?

Absolutely, Electric Bike Riders are most welcome to take part. You can either ride individually or part of a team of up to four riders. So long as you pledge to ride your Electric Bike for 60 minutes each day from 30th April to 29th May 2022 and you endeavor to raise £900 (either as an individual or as part of team). Register now and join in the fun.


Are Families Welcome to take part in 30 Rides in 30 Days?



We have seen a welcome growing trend of families taking part in our 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge. It is a great way of spending family time together and getting some welcome exercise and raising money for a great charity that is Les Bourgs.

2021 30 Rides in 30 Days – FINAL WORD

On Friday 2nd July, 2021 at THE FINAL WORD event the 123 Riders who completed the 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge were advised this year’s amazing total raised for Les Bourgs Hospice was £83,951.75.

Thanks to all the riders this year who battled the worst May weather on record.

It was also announced at THE FINAL WORD that Specsavers will be supporting the 2022 30 Rides in 30 Days. The Grand Total up to date now stands at £892k and together the aim is to raise a further £108k in 2022 to make it to £1 Million Pounds for Les Bourgs Hospice.