Seven Weeks to go – 73 Riders including 17 First Timers

Seven Weeks to go – 73 Riders including 17 First Timers

With just seven more weeks until Saturday 27th April and the start of this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days we have just over seventy riders registered. It is good to see many familiar faces and also we have seventeen riders so far taking part for the very first time.


The very first newcomer to register this time was Soo Wellfair who is fitting in the challenge between the Guernsey Marathon in April and the Saffery Champness Island Walk in June.

Soo wrote recently : –

I’ve always fancied the idea for taking part in the 30 Rides challenge as I enjoy cycling around our beautiful island and I’m hoping it will encourage me to explore a bit more. My other reason is that I’m doing the Guernsey Marathon in April and after months of training I’m worried that I’ll feel a bit lost afterwards and the 30/30 gives me something completely different to focus on. It will bridge the gap between the Marathon and the Saffrey Champness walk nicely!

I’ve always been a supporter of Les Bourgs and have taken part in other events such as the 30 Walks challenge (one year I wore a full horse costume every day as Horsey McHorseface!)  and have completed the Rock to Rocque a few times.





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