7th Edition

The Riders

Shona & Andy Sarre

Nigel Jones

Ellen Hughes

Deputy Darren Duquemin
States of Guernsey

Roy Romeril
Guernsey College of F.E.

Dave Watson
Heritage Group

Simon Chapman
Prison Officer

Richard Searle

Sarah Searle

Peter Browning

Sue Loveridge

John Tostevin
Guernsey Police

Jane Ashworth

Ian McLaughlin

Debbie McLaughlin

Sally Inderwick

Alex Hood

Ingrid Ritchie

Richard Johns
Lloyds Bank

Martin Parker
Lloyds Bank

Hilary Stokes

Paul and Leanne Oliver
LLK Consulting Limited

Nigel Netherton

Rob Brown
Ren Asset Management

Richard Lord
Sustainable Guernsey

Steve O’Connor
Guernsey Post

Sam Le Huray

Zoe Lihou
AON Insurance

Ben Reid
Leonteq AG

Marie & Adrian Tourel
SS Fabrications

Mike Pickard
Marsh Management

Atila Duro

Martin Brouard
Legis Group

Tony & Hayley Vance

Deputy Barry Brehaut
States of Guernsey

Steve La Touche

Kristine Vavere

Créme Anglaise x 4

Gill Judge

Carolyne Miller

Mark Beausire
Dynamic Carpentry

Ladies College x 4

Colin Peters
Lloyds Bank

Darrel Affleck
Saffery Champness

Sandra O Mailey

Sarah Day

Iain Davidson

Christine & Shannons Le Lievre

Three Wheelers x 3

Hot Cross Buns x 4

Money Raised