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2021 Blog Day 17

Blog Day 17

Good morning and congratulations for passing the halfway point of this years 30 rides in 30 Days Challenge. It has been a real challenge this year with the weather. Week one was cold and windy, Week two was also cold and windy but added some heavy downpours too to drench the riders who were unfortunate to be out at the time.


Next week sees a continuation of similar changeable conditions with some wind and rain and temperatures still in the low teens, lower temperatures than we would normally expect at this time of year.


Team Hancock’s Heat Map

Simon, Tim, Paul, and James of Team Hancocks have made great progress on cycling every road in Guernsey during their challenge. Comparative maps for last week to this week below shows the island’s network is pretty much covered. They are now searching for the minor roads and tracks. So far, a combined 1,655 kilometres have been covered by these men adding up to 84 hours of cycling.

Hot Cross Buns

The Hot Cross Bun ladies have searched out some of the Goats on the Golden Guernsey Goat Trail. There are apparently 52 Brightly painted Goats have been placed around the island raising awareness of Autism Guernsey. So far, they have photos of The Farmhouse, Bruce Russel’s and Specsavers. Can Hot Cross Buns get selfies at all 52?


Sarah James – Strava Sisters

Sarah James’s distance cycled up to Day 15 has reached an incredible 785.34 miles despite the windy wet weather all 30/30 riders have had to endure.

30/30 Events Last Week

Team Wheely Tyred Quiz

Trish, Jeff, Lexie, and Deborah organised a Quiz held on Saturday 15th May and over £2,000 was raised for their 30/30 fundraising.

Team Ravenscroft – 30 Hour Non-Stop Cycle Relay

All nine riders from the Team at Ravenscroft took part in a 30-hour relay starting at 7.00 am on Saturday 15th May and ending at 1.00 pm on Sunday 16th May. It was very kind of the RAF to arrange a flypast of a Globemaster as the riders finished at the Imperial. The riders covered 441 miles during the challenge and endured all weathers including some hefty downpours.


30/30 Events This Week

Day Trippers – Book you Beauty Treatment

Racheal Day of Team Day Trippers has a fabulous offer of Facial Treatments at The Day Salon for clients with £30 charge going to Team Day Trippers Fundraising. Sessions are limited to certain times and certain days but please contact them on 727191 if this is of interest to you or anyone else you know.

Le Friquet garden Centre – Tour de School Static Bike

Sunday 23rd May from to 3.00 pm.

Holly and Jane Lavin have organised a Static Bike Ride for Le Friquet Garden Centre for next Sunday and will be joined by Liz Dudin, Sarah Day and Vanessa Mitchell plus Felix Blondel.

2021 30/30 Challenge for Les Bourgs Hospice. 30 Rides In 30 Days. Ian Browns Cycle Shop

Events later

Last Day Ride In – Sunday 30th May

The Final Day of this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days is Sunday 30th May, the same day as the Annual Rocque to Rock which is also a fundraiser for Les Bourgs Hospice.

30/30 Riders can take part in the R2R from any of the start points, top of Les Val Des Terres, Pleinmont or Grandes Rocques by just signing on at any of the points. The registration fee is waivered for 30/30 riders but do please sign on if you wish to.

The 30/30 riders have traditionally ridden the final mile to the White Rock together and any riders who wish to can meet at Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop from 11.00 am for drinks and nibbles. The Riders set off all together at Noon to ride along Les Banques / Glategny Esplanade to the finish at White Rock Car Park to a Friends of Les Bourgs Welcome.

Day 30 for Ian Brown’s 30 in 30 cycle challenge 2020.



30/30 Sunset Sportive 5th June

Andrea Nightingale is organising a Sunset Sportive for 5th June, details below. You could use all your 30 days preparation for a great evening ride. Distances vary for different abilities. So bring along a friend.

2021 Blog Day 10

Blog Day 10

Good morning and welcome to week two of this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. It has been a tough first week with unseasonably chilly and windy weather. Let us hope it improves as the challenge progresses.


Last week saw temperatures which struggled to reach into double figures some days. The forecast is for only a slight improvement with daily maximum temperatures forecast set at 13 degrees for the week. There will be some days with good chances of occasional rain and the winds will be lighter than last week and mainly from the west.

30/30 Riders in Jersey

We welcome two “offshore” participants in this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. Danny and Jane Moisan live in Jersey and will be flying the 30/30 Jerseys for one hour each day over in our sister island raising funds for Les Bourgs.

Team Hancock’s Heat Map

Simon, Tim, Paul and James of Team Hancocks are planning to cover all 350 miles of Guernsey Roads during the 30 days. I am not sure if that is each of them or a shared mission but please see below their day 3 and day 9 progress.


Static Bike Rides

Thanks to those riders who have planned static bike rides to add to their fundraising.

Team Peaky Pedlars at “Le Friquet”                                                   Belinda Festivo at Moores Hotel



Events This Week

Wheely Tyred Team are having their annual quiz night this week. Pretty much a sell-out but contact Trish if you want to check for any last-minute availability.


Sara James reaches 400 miles in week one.

Sara James (Left of picture) is taking part as a member of Team Strava Sisters with Sara Sarre, Mandy Hardman and Chantal Thompson. Inspirational (or mad) to see Sara’s mileage building each day as she rides much more than the one hour a day. On day 8 Sara’s mileage for the challenge reached 401.55 miles.

30/30 Sunset Sportive 5th June

Andrea Nightingale is organising a Sunset Sportive for 5th June, details below. You could use all your 30 days preparation for a great evening ride. Distances vary for different abilities. So bring along a friend.

2021 Blog Day 3

Blog Day 3


Thank you to all those that could make the Riders’ First Day Breakfast at The Kiln on Saturday, a great turn out and a sense of excitement about the month ahead.





Fantastic coordination of Bike a Jersey for this year’s “fuchsia” 30/30 challenge by Chantal Thompson of Team Strava Sisters.

WOW – Sara James above and beyond

Also riding with Team Strava Sisters is Sara James who is going beyond one hour each day judging from her Strava Records and has already reached 106 miles on Day 2


Last Monday’s weather prediction of force 5-6 Northerly winds for Saturday 1st May with lighter winds but good chance of wet weather from Sunday 2nd May was thankfully spectacularly wrong.

I heard there was a shower of hail for some “southerners” setting off for Breakfast on Saturday. Us northern garden lovers are still waiting for rain to keep the dust down.

I do hope for similar spectacular inaccuracies with the forecast for the next seven days as it looks increasing windy, wet, and remaining cold.



This weekend we had our traditional First day Breakfast and great to see some old friends as well as new riders. Of the 128 registered riders exactly half have taken part one or more before and half are new to the challenge.

ECJS Static Bike Rides at M&S L’islet and St Martins.

Liz, Liz, Sally, Debs and Carry from Elizabeth College Junior School were riding static bikes outside M&S stores this weekend and raised over £1,700 to their grand total already. As well as their own personal fundraising the ladies are planning the ECJS 7 Rides in 7 Days for the final week of May involving 62 of the students there.

L to R Carry, Debbie,Sally & Liz (Liz Bott also in the ECJS Team)

Other events will be added to the diary section of and if you are planning anything then do let me know by e-mail to [email protected] .