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2021 30 Rides in 30 Days – Five Days To Go

Good morning.

Just five days to go until this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. I hope you are all looking forward to it.


Riders are invited to a FREE First Day Breakfast at The Kiln on Saturday 1st May . We will be there from 8.00 am to meet old and new 30/30 friends. A welcome presentation will be given at 8.40 by Ian Brown and also Mira Domaille from the Friends of Les Bourgs. Chris George of Georgie’s Photos will be attending to take official group shots directly afterwards and will take separate photos of individuals or groups too as required.

Other events this coming week will see the Elizabeth College Junior School Team of Sally Inderwick, Carry, Wray, Liz Bott, Liz Parkes and Debbie Mclaughlin will be riding static bikes at both M&S L’islet and St Martins.

Racheal Day from THE DAY SALON is taking part this year with sister Sara and Jennifer Merrett in a team known as “The Day Trippers”.

During 30 Rides in 30 Days the Salon is offering a £30 – 30 Minute Clarins Facial Treatment with funds going towards their challenge. Then offer is open to their clients, 30/30 Riders and the public. Booking details above but don’t delay to save disappointment as availability is limited.

(Please see the events diary on for events later in the month and if you are planning anything do let me know at [email protected] and I will add the information to the website and future weekly notices.)


The forecast is not the best for the coming weekend with the persistent northerly wind keeping temperatures un seasonally cool.

Saturday 1st May is expected to reach a maximum temperature of only 10 degrees with winds from a northern direction blowing strong at F4 – F5.

Sunday 2nd May is forecast to see some rain showers and a maximum of 9 degrees with the only slight advantage of the winds being lighter but still from the north.

Fundraising Options

Trish would like to advise riders of all options for your sponsors and supports and has set up “” donation links at where 100% of your donations will go to “The Friends of Les Bourgs”.

You can also direct your supporters directly to the Les Bourgs Website where they can donate directly to you via and 100% of these donations will go to “Les Bourgs Hospice”.

Many of you will have also created pages on “justgiving” too which will also arrive at Les Bourgs Hospice but not always 100% depending on your donors and if they choose to add a fee to their own donation.


2021 30 Rides in 30 Days – Ten Days to go

Ten Days to go to the start of 30 Rides in 30 Days.
Ten things you need to know.
1. First Day Breakfast this year will be Saturday May 1st from 8.00 am at The Kiln and is free for all riders.
2. All riders’ distinct fuchsia 30/30 cycling jerseys are here. If you already have yours then fine, if not call into Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop to collect yours. Please refrain from wearing the jerseys on the road until day one.
3. All riders are or will be on the Les Bourgs website as a fundraiser in the 30/30 Cycle Challenge. This will enable people to sponsor you and the money go directly to Les Bourgs Hospice.
4. Hopefully you have got your cycling legs by now but if not then get some 20-30 minute rides in over the coming few days and then be ready to ride 30 times in 30 days from Saturday 1st May.
5. Let your friends, colleagues, neighbours and friends know you are riding every day for a month and invite them to sponsor you. Les Bourgs Hospice is a special place for islanders and people will be generous because of your commitment.
6. Add to your fundraising by organising something for your sponsors to take part in. A quiz, treasure hunt, family bike ride, breakfast at work and so many other ideas that have been successful fundraisers in past years.
7. Be supportive of your fellow riders. If you see another 30/30 riders during the challenge give a wave or even a hoot if you are driving. There will seem to be many more than 110 riders and they will be seen at all times of the day and all over the island. They will appreciate your support.
8. Join in if there are any events the other riders are organising. They will appreciate your support
9. Do your best in both riding an hour a day and fundraising. If you have to miss a day then it is alright to catch up another time. Do your best in your fundraising. The target of £900 per rider or per team is not set in stone but many past riders have been surprised how possible this is to reach. Just do your best.
10. Enjoy yourself. You will probably see different parts of the island than normal and even different parts of the day than you usually do. The island is a great place to explore by bicycle so enjoy the experience and be proud that every mile you do is raising money for our special Hospice.

See you all very soon.