2021 Blog Day 10

2021 Blog Day 10

Blog Day 10

Good morning and welcome to week two of this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. It has been a tough first week with unseasonably chilly and windy weather. Let us hope it improves as the challenge progresses.


Last week saw temperatures which struggled to reach into double figures some days. The forecast is for only a slight improvement with daily maximum temperatures forecast set at 13 degrees for the week. There will be some days with good chances of occasional rain and the winds will be lighter than last week and mainly from the west.

30/30 Riders in Jersey

We welcome two “offshore” participants in this year’s 30 Rides in 30 Days. Danny and Jane Moisan live in Jersey and will be flying the 30/30 Jerseys for one hour each day over in our sister island raising funds for Les Bourgs.

Team Hancock’s Heat Map

Simon, Tim, Paul and James of Team Hancocks are planning to cover all 350 miles of Guernsey Roads during the 30 days. I am not sure if that is each of them or a shared mission but please see below their day 3 and day 9 progress.


Static Bike Rides

Thanks to those riders who have planned static bike rides to add to their fundraising.

Team Peaky Pedlars at “Le Friquet”                                                   Belinda Festivo at Moores Hotel



Events This Week

Wheely Tyred Team are having their annual quiz night this week. Pretty much a sell-out but contact Trish if you want to check for any last-minute availability.


Sara James reaches 400 miles in week one.

Sara James (Left of picture) is taking part as a member of Team Strava Sisters with Sara Sarre, Mandy Hardman and Chantal Thompson. Inspirational (or mad) to see Sara’s mileage building each day as she rides much more than the one hour a day. On day 8 Sara’s mileage for the challenge reached 401.55 miles.

30/30 Sunset Sportive 5th June

Andrea Nightingale is organising a Sunset Sportive for 5th June, details below. You could use all your 30 days preparation for a great evening ride. Distances vary for different abilities. So bring along a friend.

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