2019 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 24

2019 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 24

Monday Blog – Day 24

Nearly there and just one week to go for the challenge.

The weather has been generally very good this year so far and the forecast is for high pressure to dominate the area for the next week which promises more of the same.

Events that happened last week included Creme Anglaise on their Static Bikes at the Airport, The Specsavers Colour Fun Run at Specsavers Headquarters, la Villaize St Andrews. There was the continuous bike riding by pupils at La Hougette School. Thank you to all the 30/30 Riders that put in such great efforts to organise these events and add significantly to the funds raised.

There has been some 30/30 Riders abroad this week. The Cyclopaths have been to France for a few days and Amelia Brown had two days on a hire bike around Cologne (with Dad and sister Alice), mainly on the cycle paths along the River Rhine.

Andrea Nightingale has also raced her bike at an Aquabike International Event in Spain during May. This was only her second Aquabike Event and managed a third place finish.

Events happening this week include the ECJS 7in7 Cycle Challenge which began this morning. Sixty of ECJS students are riding their bike before school each day this week and including the R2R on Sunday. The whole School will have a Fun Day on Friday and the change the children have saved over the recent few weeks will be added up and donated to Les Bourgs.

Four students from Melrose School who are doing 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge have made cakes for sale at the school tomorrow Tuesday 21st May.

A Big shout for all our younger riders doing 30/30 and 7/7 riding this year and also enormous congratulations to six year old Felix who cycled the whole way around the island yesterday. We are all truly inspired by the efforts of these young riders.

Future Events

Rocque to Rock – Sunday 26th May – 30/30 Riders are asked to register at any of the three start points if they are planning to ride the R2R on Sunday 26th. 30/30 Riders will ride for free but the organisers will want to know you are taking part so please register.

Final Day Ride In – Sunday 26th May– All riders that are on the island on the last day are invited to assemble at Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop from 11 am for light refreshments. At noon the riders will set off as a group to the finish of R2R at White Rock for the final mile of their 30 Day Challenge.

30/30 Music Night (Date changed). 30/30 Riders Paul Langlois and Vivie Roussel and their band the KB Project, along with fellow rider Josh Gabriel will great a 30/30 Music Night for all riders to enjoy. This will take place on Thursday 6th June at The Golden Lion. All riders are welcomed and bring along your friends and supporters. Entrance is free and there will be collection buckets plus a raffle to add to the fundraising. The evening was scheduled for Saturday 1st June at Fermain Tavern but that is also the night of the Champions League Football Final.

Final Word – On Thursday 13th June at Les Rocquettes Hotel 30/30 2019 has the traditional Final Word where the total of this year’s fundraising is announced to you, the riders. The event will be held at Les Rocquettes Hotel with welcome drinks from 7 pm. The presentation will begin at 7.30 pm and a buffet will follow proceedings. ALL riders are invited free of charge and there is a nominal cost of £15 for guests. PLEASE register your interest in attending by completing the form on the diary section of www.ride30in30.com . It is imperative that the hotel has accurate numbers in advance for catering.

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