2019 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 11

2019 30 Rides in 30 Days – Day 11

Tuesday Blog – Day 11

So, ten days are done, one third the way through the challenge. Hope the legs and other parts are fairing well.


The weather for last week was not too bad. Maybe a little on the cool side but the threat of freezing temperatures at the weekend were exaggerated. This week looks similar but the potential for some measurable rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Bright and breezy for Lib Day with just the chance of passing shower or two. Sunny weather expected for next weekend.


Events happened last week.

Wheely Tyred’s Quiz on Friday as well as Static Bike Rides at Grand Marche St Sampsons organised by Steve O Connor, at Le Friquet organised by Lorraine Wrigley and The Celtic Donkeys and at Waitrose Rohais organised by Deborah Durham of Wheely Tyred. Thanks to all the other riders who supported them.

Lydia, Jess, Amy and Cara with their mums and dads took their challenge to France for the long weekend.

This coming week there are lots more events and fundraising.

Crème Anglaise will once again be riding their static bikes on Liberation Day on the town seafront.

CCD Riders will be holding a cake sale at The Castle Emplacement also on Liberation Day.

If you are in town on Liberation Day pop by and say hello to your fellow challengers.

Alison Matthew along with Jo Middleton, daughter Jenny, Andy and Kim Maindonald will be cycling on static bikes at Forest Stores next Saturday.

Rocque to Rock – 30/30 Riders that are here and riding the R2R are asked to register their names with the R2R organisers at any of the three start points. These are top of the Val des Terres, Pleinmont or Grandes Rocques. The registration fee is waivered for 30/30 riders, but the organisers would like to know you are taking part.


Belated welcome to 6-year-old Felix and his Mum Vanessa and Dad Stuart to 30/30. Their acceptance e-mail got lost in their junk e-mail, so they didn’t know they had been accepted but were really pleased to start their challenge on day 5.

Weigh In.

We have had one gent weighed in and two ladies. So we do have a competition. However, we will take further entries to make it more interesting. If you want to weigh yourself today and then see how much weight you lose (or gain) by Monday 27th May then please feel free to do so.


Map my Ride

So far, we have received no entries for the map my ride competition. To kick things off we are including two from last year. Nick James’s “Perfect Symmetry” route and Atila Duro’s “Headless Chicken”.

If you can do better please let me have your route maps.


This year the 30/30 Cycling Challenge reached twelve years. The most regular participants are as follows.

12 Times – Nigel Jones

10 Times – Andrea Nightingale

9 Times – Steve O Connor

8 Times – Tim Loveridge, Simon Hancock, Nathalie Chandler, Richard Johns, Debbie Mc Laughlin

7 Times – Richard Freeman, Roy Romeril, Steve Shaw, Sally Inderwick, Jo Huxtable.


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