11th Edition

The 30/30 Challenge

2017 saw the 30 Ride in 30 Days reach it’s tenth year. So far over £630,000 has been raised for Les Bourgs Hospice and the challenge has grown from just 36 participants in 2008 to just over 100 in 2017. For 2018 we plan to have 30 Individual Riders and 30 Combination Entrants of up to four riders per combine.

Entry is limited and so will be filled by those that can commit to the fundraising ethos of previous 30/30 challenges.

The dates for the challenge in 2018 are Day 1 on Saturday 28th April and ending on the day of the R2R on Sunday 27th May.


Formal participation will be by those that commit to trying to raise as much as £900 from Les Bourgs (£30 for 30 Days).

The 30/30 so far

The Facts

Funds Raised

Previous Editions



How it works

1 Hour

Ride for at least one hour a day, that’s it

Individually / Team

On your own or in teams

Every Day

Between the 28th April and 27th May

Just Ride

Ride wherever you like!


Day one is on Saturday 28th April starting with a 30in30 Group Breakfast, which this year is at a new venue, Rangers Football Club, Bailiffs Cross Roads, St. Andrews.

Day 30 is the Rocque to Rock around Island Bike Ride for Les Bourgs Hospice on 27th May 2018.

There will be many dates in between which will have various events organised by the riders themselves, family bike rides, quiz nights, Val des Terres Challenges, BBQs, Static Bike Rides, Meals In, Meals Out, Pub Nights, and many more.

Please let us know if you are planning anything.

Where / How?

Apart from the last mile of Day 30, when we like as many of the riders as possible to arrive at North Beach, the end of the Rocque to Rock together then you may ride wherever and whenever you like.

As we’ve mentioned you may ride alone or with others. You may ride as far as you like. You may ride a bit in the morning and the remainder at night.

Remember your only pledge is that you ride your bike for at least 60 minutes each day. If you need to go away then you may choose to ride your hour on a stationary bike within a hotel’s gymnasium and this is acceptable.

If for reasons beyond your control you need to miss a day then you can catch up as soon as time permits.