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2019 30 Rides in 30 Days – Less than three months to go

Blog –Less than three months to go


Record Registrations this year

Registration for this year’s challenge has been possible via the website or by sending an enquiry to [email protected] .

With the first day due to start on Saturday 27th April 2019 we are within three months.

We have received 51 registrations already and have a maximum number of 100 so over half full. So if you are thinking of taking part then please contact us or register online.

Ways of fundraising.

Some ideas for riders to use for fundraising: –

Auction a Date / Auction an Experience / Auction an Expertise (Cooking / Gardening / Guided Walk / Musician / Cycle Ride) / Treasure Hunt / Open House / Open Garden / Night In (Invite some friends and ask then to pay what it is worth) / Ladies Lunch / Garage Sale (Clear that clutter) / Car Wash / Dog Wash / Static Bike Riding / Pic Nic / Ride to Work Breakfast / Cake Sale / Bar B Que / Bonus Ball Competitions during May / Music Night / Quiz Night.

Some of the above have been used very successfully by 30/30 Riders in years past.

Ways of paying into Les Bourgs Hospice.

You can register on “Just Giving” website as a 30/30 Rider and select Les Bourgs as the chosen charity. This is a great site to out reach far and wide beyond Guernsey and you and your donors can see how your fundraising is going as added incentive. You are able to add your offline fundraising manually. Your sponsors are able to add a good luck message if they wish. Log onto and set yourself up. There is a small credit/debit card charge made by Just Giving but over 90% of funds raised this way will end up at Les Bourgs Hospice.


Trish De Carteret, fundraising coordinator at Les Bourgs, will list each rider registered on the “Les Bourgs Hospice” website as a participant in the 30 Rides in 30 Days 2019 so you will also be able to point your potential sponsors there too for donations. 100% of the funds raised this way all reach Les Bourgs and Trish will keep us informed of every penny received by 30/30 Riders.


Hope to hear from you soon.